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How can I create engaging behind-the-scenes content for social media?


Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content offers a unique and authentic glimpse into your business, helping you connect with your audience on a deeper level. By sharing behind-the-scenes content on social media, you can humanize your brand, build trust, and engage your followers. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for creating engaging behind-the-scenes content for social media. Let’s get started!

1. Showcasing Your Workspace and Team

Give your audience a sneak peek into your workspace and introduce the faces behind your brand. Share photos or short videos of your office, workstations, or common areas. Highlight the unique aspects of your workspace that reflect your company culture. Additionally, introduce your team members through short bios or fun Q&A sessions. This helps humanize your brand and create a personal connection with your audience.

2. Sharing the Creation Process

Take your audience behind the scenes of your product or service creation process. Show the various stages involved, from ideation to development, and share interesting insights or challenges faced along the way. You can use photos, videos, or even time-lapse clips to showcase the journey. This not only engages your audience but also demonstrates your expertise and attention to detail.

3. Offering Sneak Peeks and Previews

Generate excitement among your followers by giving them exclusive sneak peeks and previews of upcoming products, services, or events. Share teaser images, short videos, or behind-the-scenes footage that provide a glimpse of what’s to come. This creates anticipation and encourages your audience to stay engaged and follow your updates.

4. Highlighting Events and Conferences

If your business participates in events or attends conferences, use social media to share behind-the-scenes moments from these occasions. Capture photos or videos of your team interacting with attendees, setting up your booth, or attending workshops. This not only showcases your involvement in the industry but also gives your audience a sense of being part of the experience.

5. Going Live with Q&A Sessions or Demos

Engage your audience in real-time by hosting live Q&A sessions or product demonstrations. Use platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live to interact directly with your followers. Encourage them to ask questions or provide feedback, and respond to their comments in real-time. This creates an interactive and engaging experience, fostering a sense of community and connection.

6. Sharing Employee Stories and Milestones

Humanize your brand further by sharing employee stories and milestones. Highlight individual achievements, work anniversaries, or personal experiences that align with your company values. This not only showcases your team’s dedication but also allows your audience to connect with the people behind your brand.

7. Offering Exclusive Discounts or Giveaways

Reward your followers with exclusive discounts or giveaways as a way to appreciate their support. Use behind-the-scenes content to announce and promote these offers. This not only generates excitement but also encourages your audience to engage with your brand and share your content with others.


Creating engaging behind-the-scenes content for social media can significantly enhance your brand’s presence and deepen your connection with your audience. By showcasing your workspace and team, sharing the creation process, offering sneak peeks and previews, highlighting events, going live with Q&A sessions or demos, sharing employee stories and milestones, and offering exclusive discounts or giveaways, you can create compelling content that keeps your followers engaged and excited about your brand. Embrace these strategies and watch your social media engagement soar!

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